Pharmacy Policy Statement - Partner



This Pharmacy Policy Statement is intended to provide confirmation to customers and other third parties that the independent pharmacy partnering with Drugstore2door to operate this co-branded site (hereinafter the “Pharmacy”) complies with the following:


  1. In addition to offering products through the DS2D platform, the Pharmacy operates a physical brick-and-mortar pharmacy that is licensed and in good standing with the Board(s) of Pharmacy in the state(s) in which it operates.


  1. The Pharmacy maintains an updated document of all policies and procedures related to Pharmacy operations and controls as required by federal, state, and local laws. These policies and procedures are available upon request.


  1. The Pharmacy is the entity responsible for the shipment of any and all prescription drugs shipped in connection with the engagement between the Pharmacy and DS2D.
    1. The Pharmacy is properly licensed and board-certified as a pharmacy as mandated by state and federal laws.
    2. The Pharmacy ships prescription drugs only in states where it is licensed to operate. Any orders received from customers in other states that the Pharmacy is not licensed will be rejected by the Pharmacy.
    3. All prescription orders placed via DS2D are fulfilled either by in-store pick-up or local delivery to a verified address by a Pharmacy employee.
    4. A Pharmacy employee verifies the patient’s identity at the time of delivery.


  1. The Pharmacy does not allow customers to acquire prescription drugs, whether or not such drugs are controlled substances, based solely on an online form or questionnaire.


  1. The Pharmacy complies with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, including without limitation those restricting or regulating the means through which prescriptions from prescribing physicians may be communicated (e.g., fax, telephone, or other electronic means).
    1. For all prescription orders, the Pharmacy requires a prescription from a licensed physician be provided to the Pharmacy, via the DS2D platform or otherwise, which the Pharmacy verifies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
    2. An image can be loaded through the DS2D portal, or faxed, e-scribed or phoned in directly to the Pharmacy from the physician. Images sent from user upload are accompanied by a hard copy or other form delivered to the Pharmacy before dispensing of the medication. 


  1. The Pharmacy requires a valid prescription from a licensed physician, and requires the prescriber have a legitimate relationship with the patient that is based upon a prior in-person examination, prior to selling or shipping prescription drugs to a customer.
    1. Prior to filling a prescription, the Pharmacy validates Rx prescriber.
    2. The Pharmacy’s prescription validation includes checking the relevant NPI and DEA numbers, and the Pharmacy will contact the patient or facility if/when needed.


  1. If the Pharmacy receives a prescription order via DS2D that cannot be fulfilled either due to internal polices or applicable federal, state, or local law, the Pharmacy will reject the order and notify the customer via the DS2D platform.


  1. In accordance with federal, state, and local laws, the Pharmacy requires all prescription drugs be supplied from accredited suppliers located in the United States and approved by the jurisdiction to which the Pharmacy is selling and/or shipping. The Pharmacy verifies all suppliers VAWD-certification to validate their accreditation.


  1. The Pharmacy maintains policies and procedures commensurate with industry standards to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation privacy protection laws, adverse medical event reporting, shipping procedures for heat sensitive medications, and document retention plans.